Prince Philip Announces Retirement,

By rotide
Created 05/05/2017 - 17:45

Well I was impressed with Sir Alex Ferguson running Manchester United in his seventies but just saying alive at 95 is a huge accomplishment so good for Philip stepping out to do some " him " time. I am so pleased to say that this is not a retirement forced on him by ill health, so who knows what's up next.

 The Queen though is still very much part of the Royalty road show at the young age of 91 and shows no sign of packing it in and doing what older royals do -  potter around the castle, mow the croquet lawn and find reasons to avoid state visits.

No doubt the Government will be wishing that most of the populace stays in harness as long as possible while they gradually massage the state pension age higher and higher, so Phil setting the bar that high has done us no favours at all.

Further down the road on the age front, I found out recently that close to 200 people were driving on our roads at age 100 or over. Must admit it caused conflicting emotions, so while it made me quite pleased that you can possess your marbles to that degree for that long, it made me quite  uncomfortable as to whether they might cash their chips in while poodling down the motorway.

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