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Oil & Gas UK welcomes multi-billion-pound North Sea deals

Commenting on two major North Sea deals just completed, Deirdre Michie, chief executive at Oil & Gas UK, said:

Investors seeing value in UK North Sea re-inventing itself

UK Oil and Gas Industry reinventing itself in difficult trading conditions

New report shows British companies benefitting from UK’s world-leading offshore wind sector

Wind farm technology in UK very much on track at all stages of development

Business water retailer toasts first birthday with new contracts worth £45 million

A joint venture formed by United Utilities and Severn Trent Water produces results

Could you save up to £1,000 for your business? By Phil Biddle of Bristol Energy

There’s been much talk about price caps in the energy sector, focused on the domestic market. But what about businesses?

New public sector energy company announced for Devon

A pioneering new energy company, designed to deliver more efficient heat and power in Devon, has been announced

Connected Energy and Renault to collaborate on energy storage and EV charging technology

An energy storage AND recycling solution that gives car batteries a second life.

British workers could be at risk as hundreds of thousands of small businesses risk gas safety errors

British workers could be at risk from the dangers of gas and carbon monoxide, according to new research from British Gas.

What is the right approach for buying energy?

The increasing cost of gas and electricity is a concern for most of us.

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