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London's Silicon Roundabout Area Set to Expand

Tech and Media businesses in and around Silicon Roundabout expect to grow over the next few years, despite Brexit and rental costs

Invest in Worcestershire

High-value technology employment is particularly strong in the county

Workspace Pioneer Spaces to Launch Reading Site

Contemporary co-working hub to open in town centre

Workspace Pioneer Spaces Opens First Teddington Hub

Amsterdam-born creative workspace pioneer Spaces is opening a new 16,900 sq ft hub on The Causeway, Teddington, its first location in the town.

You gotta have soul

How a visit to her local workspace turned business dream into reality for start-up café owner

Spaces opens Park Royal work hub

Second London location for workspace pioneer

Time Is Running Out for Rogue Property Operators

The government is making it mandatory for letting agents to comply with a money protection scheme — or face being fined or shut down

3 great ways to add value to your property - In collaboration with Ale Brunelli

Spending money on the family home while increasing the overall value

Basingstoke Built for Business

Basingstoke is a town that is in the right place: in a great location and strong position to deliver its full potential

Waterstones Deception: Chains dressing up as independent shops “Threaten Real Independents”

UK Leading book shop chain ditches name to trade on perceived independent preference

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