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Has the Era of Helicopter Money Come to an End ?

The PPI tap is soon to be turned off ending the era of 'Consumer Quantitative Easing'

Expert View - Chirag Shah Founder and CEO, Nucleus Commercial Finance

Could alternative finance be the answer for your business?

How to Get Better at Cash Flow Forecasting for Greater Accuracy

Developing a cash flow forecast is essential for a new business because an operation lives and dies by the cash that moves through it.

Five Ways to Keep Your Finance on Track

Looking after your financial health isn’t easy, here is some good advice to heed.

Borrowing Trends Over Christmas and Q4

During the run up to Christmas, the way we spend and borrow changes drastically to the rest of the calendar year.

Financing Acquisitions: Keys to Structuring the Deal and Obtaining the Funding By Kenneth H. Marks

Conventional wisdom says that a company grows by reaching new customers, increasing its workforce, expanding marketing or launching new products or services.

J.P. Morgan Crowned London’s Fastest Business Following Race Through City Streets

112 teams from over 85 of London’s top businesses took to the streets to contest the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay

‘The best money I ever spent on my small business’

Small Business Owners share the investments they made for long term success

What’s Causing the Bitcoin Cash Gold Rush? By Rachel McIntosh

It’s hard to believe that only been 18 days since Bitcoin Cash was birthed from the mother Bitcoin blockchain.

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